Hidden TV FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How large can my hidden TV be?

A: We are able to work with any size TV. Standard Units available: 37", 42", 50", 55", and 65". Units can be built for custom specifications. If your artwork is smaller than your TV, we can use a panel to affix it to. Click here for Panel Lift.

Q: Can I use my framed art or mirror?

You are welcome to use your existing artwork or mirror. We can instruct your local framer on how to adapt the back to our unit. We need to know the exact weight and measurements of the frame. Photos of front side and back are also helpful to determine what may be necessary for the proper finish on the back side of the picture frame and the additional weight that that might entail.

Q: Is Museum Classic's art all you have available?

We have been in the art and framing business since 1979 and have access to most anything on the market. The Museum Classics website shows a sampling of traditional art that is available. However our artists can recreate your favorite selection of art, in the appropriate size for your application, quality and satisfaction is guaranteed. Call for a larger selection of contemporary art.

Q: Do I have to use an oil painting?

We have a state of the art giclee printer, which allows us to print images on canvas, fine art watercolor paper, or photograph paper. We use only the finest archival paper and inks, and your work will stand for generations to come. Provide us with an image and our art department will digitize it and do whatever manipulation necessary.

Q: Can I use a mirror?

Yes, you can! For larger TV's, you have the option of a scratch resistant plexiglass mirror, which appears the same as a real mirror, just lighter in weight. TVCoverups is able to lift a framed mirror with outer dimensions of 40 x 50. This size would accommodate any 42"- 44" screen.

Q: What if I have AV equipment, speakers, Blu-Ray player, wires and other consoles that I would like hidden?

No problem! TVCoverUps is a hidden TV Cabinet Stand and can be built to store your AV equipment, speakers, Blu-Ray/DVD, wires, Xbox, and any other consoles you may have. Just let us know the dimensions of your Entertainment Consoles and we will design a TVCoverUps for your particular situation. 

Q: What about the remote control?

The automated unit comes with RF (radio frequency) remote controller and its own handheld transmitter. Contact closure is available to configure universal remote control automation.

Q: Can I use articulating hardware with TVCoverups?

Yes! One of the main benefits is that you have full access to your TV for the use of any tilting or articulating hardware (manual or automated). Sensors are available on the automated unit to disable the TVCoverup when the TV is extended. Ensure that your combined TV and mount dimensions are within the interior dimension of the theater installation box, if you require additional space custom depths are available.

Q: Can it be installed "on" or "in" the wall?

Yes, it can be installed "in" or "on" the wall. "On Wall" units are designed to accommodate the thinnest TV's. "In Wall" units are installed inside the wall and the approx. measurements can be found on our products/pricing page. Our hardware is designed for units with 2 1/2'' and 6 1/4'' depths. For the thinnest TV's available and your particular situation, we can custom build the Theater Box accordingly. Additional depth for articulating hardware is easily accommodated.

Q: I'm unable to set the box in the wall. What can you do to camouflage my unit?

One option is extension moulding that matches your picture frame and extends back to the wall to make up for the difference. Give us a call for other options that may be suitable for your particular situation!

Q: What if I already have a space cut out for my flat screen TV?

That is not a problem. Best to send us photos and measurements of your existing situation so we can be of better assistance!

Q: What other option do I have?

Currently there are five different approaches on the market to the solution of hiding or masking a flat screen television.

  • A roll-up: This approach cannot utilize original art and requires viewing the screen inside a picture frame. It also requires the viewer to be standing for perpendicular viewing.
  • A lift: The television fits inside a cabinet and either lifts out or the cabinet slides to the side or above the flat screen. This system requires a separate piece of furniture for the screen to pop out from or requires that the viewer watches the TV with the art above or to the side. These systems can cost from $4,000 to $8,000.
  • A two way mirror: Difficulties include compromised reflection from daylight or lights in the room at night, TV's have specially finished glass to cut reflection whereas the two way mirror no option to tilt the Flat Screen for perpendicular viewing - and the viewer is watching TV in a picture frame. Occasionally we will install two way mirrors with the TVCoverups product in order to access the benefits listed in #5 below.
  • Framing the TV: The viewer is not only watching TV in a picture frame, but when the TV is off, there is a black hole in the focal point of the room.
  • Our TVCoverup: Any framed art or mirror can be used to cover the flat screen. The viewer has the freedom of full articulating arm hardware, allowing for perpendicular viewing from anywhere in the room. The system provides a total black theatre viewing enclosure, and because the art in the hinged-up position ceiling reflection as well as picture lighting is removed.

Q: What will it cost and how will it be installed?

Costs of the standard sized auto and manual units are available on the Products/Pricing page.

The standard sizes are sent knockdown with Instructions for assembly, or you can have the box and hardware come completely assembled where it can be screwed to the wall or into a provided rough opening (see outside box dimensions on the products/pricing page) for an additional charge. The artwork or panel is detached in shipping and is attached after the installation box and hardware are installed into the wall with 4 Screws provided.

Whoever is running your cables and power usually has the ability to install the TVCoverups product. Check with your handyman, electrician or AV professional with the following installation process:

The framed art may be anything you select, with the only limitation being weight. The TVCoverup unit will lift approx 30 - 35 lbs. In most cases we can lift a framed mirror over a 42" Flat Screen and we have accommodated 72x48" framed oil paintings. When necessary, we provide extension molding that matches the framing, so that when in the down position the frame is flush with the wall.

  • 1. Four sides need to be attached to the back of the box (there is an option for it to come preassembled)
  • 2. TV mounting hardware (not provided) is then mounted into the box (is already installed when ordered preassembled)
  • 3. Determine where the power and cables will come into the box and provide an opening to accommodate same
  • 4. Mount TVCoverups hardware into the top right and left corners of the box if not preassembled.
  • 5. Install box onto the wall, or into the rough opening
  • 6. Install TV
  • 7. Open the arms, and attach the retrofitted art/ or panel onto the arms
  • 8. Lower the art and you are done.